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These facts sound crazy, but they’re actually true. 

Ok but lobsters are immortal?

Functionally immortal, But as with everything inherent in the universe far from invulnerable. A rather cruel trade off

You’re functionally immortal but trade off is your flesh is delicious.

Hold the entire universe the fuck on. Two things

1) Our mind is literally more vast than our galaxy. Nigga what.

2) So basically if we didn’t eat em, there would still be lobsters from when Jesus was around.

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Lets have a dystopian future movie where none of the actors are white

Not a single one

No reason

No explanation

There’s just no white people and not a single character questions it

Watch how quickly people notice and get pissed off

but wouldn’t it be better to put one white extra in the far background of a huge crowd shot for a few frames, so we could point to them every time someone gets pissed off?





TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

holy fuck! so how did the penguins taste?????

this is the cutest video in the entire world. this seal is just so afraid for this dumb weird baby she thinks she’s found out in the ocean. have a bird. have another bird. no, see, eat the bird! the bird is food! why won’t this stupid baby eat. open your mouth you idiot baby i will feed you bird if it’s the last thing i do




German Ad Doesn’t Need Words To Speak Volumes About Supporting Your Kids

Being a teenager is hard. But the German home improvement chain Hornbach knows having parents who go the extra mile to show their support can make a big difference.

Watch the full commercial that will sum those awkward high school years perfectly here. 

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This is the kind of dad I want to be.

This is the kind of dad I wish I had…


Don’t worry. There’s not a single person out there whose impossible to get over. No one has that much power over you unless you give it to them. It’s possible to love again with the same intensity & strength. Life moves on and so will you one day. Just give it some time and extra fudge s’more cookies. Trust me on this one. 

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